What’s the Difference between Facial oil and Serum?

Face Oil Vs Face Serum – What’s the difference?

There are a prolific number of skincare products in the beauty market. At times, it becomes difficult to choose skincare products that are suitable for your skin type. Creams, lotion, toners, liquids, etc. are a range of skincare options to choose from. Within this vast variety of products, so many companies are vying to make the best skin care products, so much so that some products resemble each other.

Water-based face serums and face oils are liquid skincare with water and oil components. Face serums and face oils have very specific and varying properties yet they share one common benefit – to enhance your skin’s texture and appearance.

Women Applying Face oil

To put it simply, face oils and face serums nourish your skin, soothe dry skin, give radiant and glowing skin effects, and treat skin concerns with several ingredients.

So, in order to discuss face oil and face serum, lets dive deep into the the world of facial care to know more about these skincare products and their benefits.

What is the difference between face oil and serum?

Face serums and face oils have their distinct properties to treat each skin type. The difference between face serums and oil is water-based face serum is water is lightweight and face oils have a thick consistency. They have different ingredients and properties to treat different skin types. Face serum supports the care for skin concerns such as signs of ageing like fine lines and wrinkles.

Moreover, they can also brighten your skin. Face oils protect you from free radicals and protect you from sun damage.

What is Face Serum?

A face serum is typically a lightweight water-based liquid. This concentrated liquid is exclusively made to offer support for skin concerns like dullness and dryness. The easily absorbing properties of face serum can correct uneven skin, tone, and texture. It has active ingredients like Vitamin C, Hyaluronic acid, etc.

Face serums are available in gel-like texture and fluid consistency. Due to their fluid consistency, these serums penetrate deep into the skin and heal it. This texture acts quicker and deeper than other skincare products such as lotions, moisturizers, etc.

Face serums can be easily inculcated into a skincare routine. The application can have a run-through in the morning skincare routine or night skincare routine to repair skin tissues. These face serums offer a concentrated amount of fundamental ingredients to boost your current skin health and radiate glowing skin. Make sure to say goodbye to wrinkles and signs of anti-ageing with face serums.

What Are the Benefits of Serum for Face?

Face serums have water-based components. They are full of properties of face serum to boost your skin health. Face serums are concentrated liquids. As a result, they brighten your skin and reduce blemishes.

Amongst numerous serums, the other whole lot of serums boost the hydration of the skin. Moreover, face serums fight the signs of ageing.  Water-based face serums with peculiar properties and vivid potent ingredients can work well in the morning and some serums can work well in the evening.

  • Serum for face benefits contains antioxidants such as vitamins A, C, and E.
  • Along with this, it contains topical retinol and ingredients to even out our skin tone.
  • The beneficiary of the face serums can get rid of discolouration, dullness, fine lines, or acne.
  • Face serums help to minimize the dark spots caused due to sunlight.
  • Additionally, fine lines and wrinkles are reduced.
  • Serum aids your dull skin and brightens it to make your skin look youthful.

There are innumerable benefits of face serums. Guaia Madre makes serums for face with benefits to support your looking younger and beautiful.

What is Face Oil?

Face oils are oil-based liquid formulas that are designed to be used on the skin. Face oils are commonly known for their hydrating properties. Our skin realizes oils and lipids that help prevent water loss from the skin. It keeps it hydrated. 

Face oils are formulated with non-comedogenic botanical oils and essential oils. In a world full of natural plants, essential face oils often are extracted from plants and carry antioxidants. Face oils nurture your skin, soften them and lock in moisture. These face oils nourish the skin and remove skin barriers like dryness and dullness. The lightweight formula of face serum shields you from free radicals and damaging the exterior environment.

Face oils are either natural or synthetic. Just for curious mind face oil get expired.

Synthetic and mineral oils are for comedogenic and clogging pores. The natural plant oils are properly extracted and unfiltered to transform your skin into glorious skin. Get the benefits of Face oil and serum with our All-in-one-serum.

What are the benefits of face oil?

Facial oils are used to even out skins natural oils and radiate your skin complexion, seal in moisture and reduce skins natural sebum production. Face oils contain essential fatty acids with fundamental components that strengthen our skin’s exterior barriers.

Facial oils are ancient formulas to treat your skin, hair, and wounds. During the ancient period, Egyptians used a variety of plant-based oils including olive, sesame, and castor oil for various skin barriers.

What does face oil do? Here are the benefits of the face oil: 

  • Strengthens skin concerns to tighten the moisture and hydrate the skin well.
  • The thicker texture evens out skin complexion
  • Boosts the skin’s tolerance and elasticity
  • While facial oils stimulate collagen and antioxidants, it reduces fine lines and wrinkles
  • Soothes sensitive and supple skin
  • Face oils support deep skin tissues and reduce the appearance of enlarged pores
  • Protects skin from sun damage and free radicals
  • Consistency texture corrects complexion and reduces discolouration.

Can Serum and Face Oil be Used Together?

The answer to this commonly asked question is yes, serums and face oils can be used together. In this fashion, there is a common skincare technique called layering”. Regularly referring to a piece of clothing being layered over another piece of clothing to make a complete outfit. This is the same procedure used during the skincare regime.

From thinnest formula to thickest product, skincare products can be layered as well. Face oils and face serums can be used together with the right application and steps.

What To Apply First Face Serum or Oil?

The application of Water-based face serum and face oil for acne is easy as pie. There are millions of products on the market. Serums, cleansers, moisturizers, serums, oils, etc. Instead of leathering a whole of creams on your face, have a consistent routine with minimal products that work best for your skin.

While incorporating these face oils and face serums into your skincare regime, make sure to make your way from thinnest to thickest. After cleaning your face, the first skincare product should have the thinnest consistency which is a toner to tighten your skin pores and relaxes you. Serums contain a potent blend of targeted active ingredients formulated for skin concerns. Let the serum sit for 2-3 minutes.

Further, add an antioxidant to your daily regime like Vitamin C. Later, with a rich moisturizer even out your skin. The last step is to apply face oil. Face oils have a thick consistency so it is applied towards the end of the skincare routine.

In a Nutshell,

As vital as physical wellness is skin health. Our internal gut health improves our skin while detoxifying our bodies. However, skincare products improve skin problems and provide the ideal level of hydration for your skin. There are various types of skin. Every skin should be treated with affection and kindness. The beauty market offers a million different skincare goodies.

A new line of skin care products is developed by skincare companies every year. The skincare range includes Water-based face serum and faces oils. These two items have a greater propensity to improve your skin, keep it hydrated, and lock in moisture all day. The application is as simple as going for a stroll.

Everyone has a skincare routine. Find the ideal time to apply your skincare products and get the best results of glowing and healthy skin.


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