Tips to Know If your Face Oil has Expired or Not

How To Know If Your Face Oil Has Expired?

Every store-bought product has an expiry date. Sometimes we hang on to products far too long and we need to make sure they are well in order to  keep our skin healthy and happy.

Facial Oil

Expired facial serums and face oils are ineffective and can be harmful to the skin. Side effects of using expired face oil include infection, irritation and skin breakouts.

Let's understand a few ways to know if your face oil is expired.

How to Know If your Facial Oil is Expired?

These are some of the best ways to know that the facial oil is still in its best shape:

  • The Aroma

An expired or rancid oil can be easily noted through its pungent aroma. They smell musty and sour. Rosehip oil has an earthy and woody accent, yet our blend of ingredients givesour formula a floral and heavenly scent.

If you get sour and musty notes in the smell, that indicates the facial oil needs to be thrown out. Consider replacing your lapsed facial oil with our all-time favorite Eugenia’s Rosehip Oil Facial Serum!

  • The Color

Many products nearing their expiry dates begin losing their essence and color. Facial oil is one of them, it loses color depth as it starts oxidizing. Our rosehip oil has a bright and vibrant color and when it starts oxidizing, it will becomes pale.  

  • The Texture

Polyunsaturated fats in oils are considered to be earthy and rich. Oils that have a high content of polyunsaturated oil are popular among facial oils. They give a light and velvety finish to your skin. The more richness in an oil, the more likely they are to be oxidized.

Choose a oil blend like ours to unlock healthy and glowing looking skin.

Does Expired Oil React badly with your skin?

When some ingredients are exposed to sunlight and air, they are oxidized. One example is Vitamin C serum. If you’re not monitoring facial serum expiration dates, you may be using facial oils that are ineffective which means there are fewer skin benefits, or worse, they may irritate the skin. One easier way to know if a face oil is expired is that it will turn brownish or yellowish.

In a nutshell, keeping track of your skincare product's expiration is important. If not thrown out, they can cause damage to your skin.

As always, if you’re looking for top notch indie skincare with a purpose and mission, consider shopping with us here at GUAIA MAdRE.

Our facial oils are made with care and consciousness to provide you the ultimate self-care experience.


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