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Guaia Madre

Inspired by the magical realism that echoes under the Colombian sky and by what is now a memory of our family’s collective universe, GUAIA MAdRE celebrates the natural essence of life in the tropics and the ancestral wisdom of its people. GUAIA MAdRE is born of a lifetime of knowledge and consciousness passed on by the tribe of women who raised us, and by the guiding hand of Eugenia, the matriarch who taught us all we know about self-love and self-care.

With its South American heritage, our family company manifests itself to this new earth, filled with intention and guided by the consciousness of the present moment. Inspired by the spiritual journey back to our motherland, our products serve as a tribute to our culture, our heritage, our humanity, and that ancestor’s voice that whispers quietly from within: You have arrived. The time is now.


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