Eugenia’s Rosehip Oil | Plant derived squalane | Lavish Face Oil

Eugenia’s Rosehip Oil

We developed this innovative formula as a reimagining of our grandmother’s oil, bringing to life Eugenia's Rosehip Oil. This lavish rosehip oil serum for your face, is crafted with a potent blend of rosehip, jojoba, olive, jasmine, sea buckthorn, plant derived squalane, hemp extract and vitamin E. These slowly extracted ingredients bring a rosehip oil scent that is all natural and divine.

This powerful blend will restore glow and give way to dewy looking skin.


Deeply hydrates, plumps and soothes.
Welcome dewy looking skin.

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All-In-One-Miracle Serum

The All-In-One Miracle Serum is a lightweight water-based face serum that pairs perfectly with Eugenia’s Rosehip oil. Crafted with hyaluronic acid, white tea extract, AHA and rose water, this serum is designed to reduce hyperpigmentation of the skin, exfoliate, and promote cell regeneration. You can use this face serum on its own or pair it with Eugenia’s Rosehip Oil as part of your night-time routine.


Hydrates, exfoliates, promotes cell regeneration and evens skin tone.

$90.00 _ Save up to 20% with a subscription

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Two-Step Routine

This powerful duo formulated with natural ingredients handpicked for their potent skin benefits, is powered by nature and backed by science. This two-step routine is all you will need for healthy and glowing looking skin from day to night.

Our best selling Eugenia’s Rosehip Oil with its potent ingredients ( rosehip, jojoba, olive, jasmine, sea buckthorn, plant derived squalane and vitamin E), will lock in moisture and maintain the skin’s elasticity and vitality during the day.

At night, our All-In-One Miracle Serum formulated with white tea extract, hyaluronic acid, rose water and glycolic acid (AHA), will act as an anti-aging agent which absorbs in seconds and reduces uneven pigmentation of the skin, exfoliates and promotes cell regeneration. 


When combined, the effects of our products potentialize.
Save even more when you buy them together.


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GUAIA MAdRE X Wayuu Bracelet

The Wayuu is a fascinating tribe that lives in the Guajira peninsula, in the northmost part of Colombia. Their communities are settled in the desert and they are known as the people of the sun, the sand, and the wind. 

The beauty of their craftsmanship is a source of inspiration and the strength of their people and their connection with the natural world, something we admire and gravitate towards deeply.



Handmade by the women of the Colombian Wayuu tribe, this bracelet is our gift to you.

It will be included in every order over $50

Just add the bracelet to your order and the gift will be reflected in your cart and at checkout.


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