Rosehip Oil Smell: Earthy and Woody Scent

What Does Rosehip Oil Smell Like?

Rosehip oil comes from a beautiful tiny fruit left on a rose after the petals have fallen off. It is one of nature's harvests to repair your skincare and hair care. Its potent nutrients and characteristics nurture your skin. Rosehip oil is commonly referred to as one of the best skincare products.

The fascinating question stands here: what does rosehip oil smell like? People expect this hedgerow shrub to have a floral aroma like rose essential oil. This oil is not made from a flower. Hence, rosehip oil's smell is not flowery and fruity. It grows in the bushes after the rose dies.

Rosehip oil has an earthy, woody, and natural smell. So, if you were thinking that it smells like buds surrounding hips and seeds of a rose, no, it doesn't smell like that either.However, our best-selling Eugenia’s Rosehip Oil has a heavenly smell because of its perfect alchemy. Rosehip combined with all of our other ingredients, result in a natural, refreshing and delicious scent.

What is Rosehip Oil?

Ancient herbs and medicines are always proven to be effective for our hair and skin. Home remedies can also bring glow to our skin. Rosehip oil is one of many ancient medicines used for centuries.

Rosehip oil's origin sets all the way back to the Egyptian era. It is also a known fact it was one of the beauty picks of Cleopatra herself.

What Can Rosehip Oil do for Skin?

Rosehip oil has various and diverse health properties for skin care and repair areas. Rosehip oil is filled with nourishing nutrients, antioxidants, vitamins and fatty acids that benefit the look, texture and feel of skin.

Women applying rosehip oil on her hand

It is the best handy “sunblock" oil that protects your skin from the sun. Do you often end up with redness and irritation in your skin? This means it’s possible that you are not treating it with the right nutrients. Rosehip oil soothes your skin during these times.

Every person around the globe wants their acne to go quickly without leaving a mark. Rosehip oil soothes acne in the fastest possible way. The antioxidants in Rosehip oil also work wonders for the ageing process.

Rosehip oil's properties nourish all skin types. If you have a sensitive skin type, the oil's calming properties cure greasiness and oiliness. This oil makes sure that your skin stays hydrated. It has nutrients like carotenoids lycopene and beta-carotene to support your skin and eye health. The benefits of rosehip oil don’t end there. It has trans-retinoic acid which acts as Vitamin A.

It's amazing how rosehip can support so many parts of the body. It is best known for hair and skin but also to make your brittle and soft nails shining and strong. With its natural and woody aroma, use it on your hands to leave them hydrated and smooth.

The benefits of the Rosehip oil are numerous. Makeup removers and wipes are not the best options for your skin. Instead, opt for the natural option. Rosehip oil can be used as a makeup remover that soothes your skin without any irritation.

Rosehip oil is a natural extract with numerous properties, nutrients and ingredients that support skin, hair, nails and hands. This all-in-one harvested skincare product, has a gentle, earthy, woody, and calming aroma.


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