Using Squalane Oil with Makeup - Skincare Routine

Using Squalane Oil with Makeup - Skincare Routine

It’s the universal truth that nothing is more beautiful than nature. So,how about adding nature to your make-up or to your skincare routine? It might sound unbelievable but you can trust us it’s possible! Surprisingly, it’s Squalane oil – born out of various plants like olive, rice bran, palm trees, wheat germ etc.

Many people get confused between ‘squalane' and 'squalene' because both appear similar but if you see it properly there's just a difference between the vowels 'a' and ‘e’. Squalane oil is procured by hydrogenating squalene, a natural compound that's already present in the human body, but its production slows down when one reaches the mid or late twenties.

You can find this oil in many skin care products like our Eugenia Rosehip Oil! This dazzling ingredient is everywhere – but knowing how to use it with makeup is what matters the most.Here are some ways you can mix squalane oil with your makeup. Give it a read!

Secret of Professional Makeup Artists

Do you know how professional makeup artists give you a flawless dewy glow? They use a secret thing with makeup and that's – Squalane oil which makes your skin smoother.

Squalane oil with makeup can help in your skincare routine

Healthy skin is greater for applying makeup smoothly. Squalane oil is best if you're starting your skincare routine or if you are a pro then you must add on it to your make-up and skincare routine.

Here’s how to use squalane oil with makeup!

  • Squalane oil as a Primer

Most of the primers these days are silicone-based which is not suitable for all kinds of skin. But you can use squalane oil as a primer, it really works excellent.

It enhances the glow on your skin without any skin-affecting stuff and enables makeup to glide over it beautifully. Remember, apply it on fresh and clean skin to put in makeup gently.

  • Squalane oil for Brows

Your brows introduce you before you speak anything. Two Brows are never the same, you don’t believe? Then observe your friends’ brows and you won’t find both of them the same.

You can try squalane oil as a brow gel to keep your brows perfect, good and groomed. Apply directly to your brows or mix it with brow powder to condition hair and keep your brows in a good shape.

  • Squalane oil with Foundation and Highlighter

Mixing squalane oil with foundation creates a perfect combination for gorgeous-looking skin. It is the ingredient found most commonly in our skincare products, so mixing it with your foundation is totally natural and drives your makeup more stunning. Blend it with your liquid foundation and put it with a sponge or brush for an iconic look.

The secret to casting glamorous cheekbones is to glide over a little squalane oil high on your cheekbones and temples after makeup for a soft matte look.

Wanna add nature's beauty to your makeup or skincare routine? Try our squalane-infused skincare products like –

  • Eugenia’s Rosehip Oil

    We developed this innovative formula as a reimagining of our grandmother’s oil bringing to life the Eugenia Rosehip Oil. This lavish face oil is crafted with a potent blend of rosehip, jojoba, olive, jasmine, sea buckthorn oil, and plant-derived squalane.

    Its blend of natural ingredients will restore glow and give way to dewy-looking skin.

    Looking for a different recommendation not including squalene? Check out this Miracle Serum:

    • All-In-One-Miracle Serum

    The All-In-One Miracle Serumis a lightweight water-based serum that pairs perfectly with Eugenia’s Rosehip oil. Crafted with hyaluronic acid, white tea extract, and rose water, it is designed to reduce hyperpigmentation of the skin, exfoliate and promote cell regeneration.

    Use it on its own or pair it with Eugenia's Rosehip Oil as part of your nighttime routine.

    You’ll love these brilliant products from Guaia Madre. If you have any questions regarding squalane oil or our products, you can contact us today for more information!


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