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Hyaluronic Acid - What It Is, Benefits, Dark Spots Under Eyes

Hyaluronic Acid (HA) is a lesser-known compound yet a vital part of our skin's cellular matrix.

Consequently, the skincare & makeup industry heavily markets its products around it, often without wholly describing the various benefits it imparts. So, the identity or the functions of Hyaluronic Acid are generally surrounded by certain misconceptions.

For instance, people often search for information on topics like Hyaluronic Acid for dark circles only to discover its disputed association with fillers. Likewise, it's worth noting that Hyaluronic Acid and its products are not responsible for brightening the hyperpigmentation spots on the skin nor for preventing their occurrences.

The only arguable reason behind maintaining its anonymity is that it's essentially a mucopolysaccharide. Indeed, the complex terminology doesn't do many favors to earn it some recognition among the public.

Still, learning about its existence and usefulness can be advantageous because it's already a supportive part of our daily lives!

What Is Hyaluronic Acid?

Since Hyaluronic Acid is shrouded in somewhat of a mystery, let us explain its accurate skincare correlations to you.

Mucopolysaccharide compounds like HA are long chains of sugar molecules commonly found throughout the human body. Herein, Hyaluronic Acid contributes to performing and assisting multiple bodily functions aside from primarily operating as the "body's moisturizer."

While Hyaluronic Acid (HA) is not the only mucopolysaccharide, it is still a non-dismissible constituent of human cells. Early studies reveal that our skin cells hold about 50% of it at any given moment. Such an abundance of HA naturally offers lubrication for moving body parts like our skin, connective tissues, and eyes.

To further understand the undeniability of its importance, let's briefly look at the various functions it performs.

Simultaneously, please remember that what you will read further might help you gain clarity on how HA products are useful to brighten dark circles!

What are the Benefits of Hyaluronic Acid For Skin Care?

The Hyaluronic Acid under eyes provides many benefits beyond its well-known lubrication purposes, like retaining structural proteins of the skin. It is also responsible for maintaining cell structure and flexibility, making the skin smooth and plump overall. Its regular production by the human body makes it an excellent natural moisture-preserving agent for the skin.

So, using products like Hyaluronic Acid serum for under eye bags and skin care aids you by reducing wrinkles. They also impart the skin the ability to stretch and flex better, ultimately lessening the aging lines on your skin.

Please read below to learn more about the five reasons that are proven to justify its practical everyday essentialness for your skincare.

  • Acute Hydration

The powerful properties of HA for moisture retention also earn it the title of molecular sponge. Its gentle and non-irritating water-retaining abilities are capable of making it an excellent cosmetic ingredient for daily use, even by people with extremely sensitive skin.

HA abilities, as a mucopolysaccharide, are inherently adequate for retaining water or moisture more than 1000 times its actual weight. So, by penetrating the skin and binding itself with skin cells, HA rejuvenates them with vital moisture for steady periods.

Hence, cosmetic products containing HA are among the leading favorite and most recommended skincare products by dermatologists globally.

  • Sebum Regulation

When the skin lacks natural moisture production and retention, it releases oils as contributors to hydrating your skin. These oil glands have to work overtime to secrete more oil to keep the skin hydrated, effectively causing an oily or greasy skin condition.

In contrast, regular applications of Hyaluronic Acid products are known to favor these skin types by slowly building up their ability to retain hydration.

Therefore, it's evident when a user with oily skin has begun to use HA cosmetic products. Their skin will learn to produce just the right amount of oil, even in humid conditions. Yes, the possibilities of reducing the dark circles under the eyes are also concrete that otherwise present themselves more on oily skin.

  • Stimulate Skin Elasticity

Pinch your skin a little. Did it snap back quickly or not at all? Depending on your discovery, your uses for Hyaluronic Acid are justifiable when it does not snap back quickly or does it with a delay. Managing to bring back its elasticity and plumpness is easily possible by using products that are rife with HA ingredients.

For instance, the use of Hyaluronic Acid for eye bags' elasticity retention is easily manageable as it results in the growth (+21%) of collagens. It's a common practice of the human body to produce less collagen as it ages.

Still, you can regain your skin's elasticity to avoid a saggy, dark under eyes appearance with HA and delay premature aging!

  • Anti-Aging Supportive

The uses of products with Hyaluronic Acid under the eyes are widely revered as they lessen or diminish wrinkle lines. It performs this by filling the skin with moisture, making it look plump again with a subtle glow.

Likewise, the regular use of HA skincare products in a 2014 study reveals a whopping 40% reduction in making facial contours firm again.

  • Treating Dark Spots

Contrary to popular belief, the uses of Hyaluronic Acid for dark spots removal are not established in truth. In fact, what contributes to slowly reducing pigmentation is the intense skin hydration performed by HA ingredients.

Therefore, the functional properties of Hyaluronic Acid are said to be effective in treating dark spots only when combined with Vitamin C serums.

Moreover, HA compounds help to uphold and maintain the skin's defense against environmental factors and UV sun radiations, reducing melanin production.

What Causes Dark Skin Under Eyes?

Women having dark skin under eyes

Now that you're familiar with the HA benefits, let’s understand why preventing dark under eyes may require other actions. Surely, relying upon the daily application of Hyaluronic Acid for dark spot(s) removal outcomes is not entirely ideal.

Here are all the reasons for Dark Skin Under the Eyes or Eyes dark circles conditions when HA isn't included in your daily skincare routine.

  • Lack of Sleep

The most common way dark circles arise is when the eyes usually suffer from tiredness or fatigue. It causes the eyelids and eye bags to become discolored over time, against which Hyaluronic Acid uses are capable of working their magic.

Parallelly, It's recommended that the patient get regular sleep, which also promotes building healthy HA levels in the skin.

  • Dehydration

Did you just notice the dark circles under the eyes that appeared out of nowhere? You may either have a medical condition or suffer from intense dehydration.

In either case, it's ideal to seek professional medical attention and a visit to a dermatologist. Performing both and adhering to their solutions over time will allow you to regain healthy and moisturized skin.

  • Allergies

It might be possible that certain skincare products may not suit your skin, thereby triggering allergic reactions. Otherwise, it may be an issue related to your blood that frequently causes allergies to populate your face with pigment marks.

Either way, seeking medical help with proper skincare re-evaluation should soon show promising results.

  • Aging

People in their late twenties and early thirties should relieve themselves of the stresses of aging since it just might trigger more dark circles.

In such scenarios, removing dark under eyes can follow procedures that are inclusive of performing meditation besides obviously prioritizing skin care.

  • Pigmentation Problems

Common causes that cause pigmentation problems in the skin are damage due to pollution and radiation from the sun.

Since it's known that the application of Hyaluronic acid for dark circles removal does not correlate directly, it's essential to use sunscreens with good SPF. Doing so can prevent the escalation of emerging pigmentation spots.

  • Sun Exposure

The skin reacts to the sunrays and their heat by producing melanin. So, being present in the sun for longer durations per day does more than provide a tan by triggering excess melanin production.

Since the area under the eye is quite sensitive, its reaction to the sun produces more melanin, ultimately showcasing eye bags.

  • Genetics

Until a certain age, you might not gain dark circles, no matter how many sleepless nights you thrive.

In contrast, your hereditary DNA plays a significant role in imparting you the unwanted gift of dark circles. When either of your parents or someone in your lineage has dark circles or skin pigmentation, it's natural to develop them yourself at age.

Applying HA directly on the skin will make it pull water from your skin for moisturization. Hence it's always advised to apply it on damp skin. Using moisturizing toners and similar products is beneficial when applying Hyaluronic Acid products to remove wrinkle lines and dark spots.

Similarly, exfoliating your skin before applying a moisturizer followed by using an HA cosmetic item are also recommended practices by leading dermatologists.


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